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In today’s connected world, every organization is deeply impacted by events across the globe on a daily basis.  Skybox Imaging was founded on the premise that an ability to better understand these phenomena could fundamentally change the way humanity makes decisions on a daily basis -- increasing the profitability of businesses and improving the welfare of societies worldwide. 

We build satellites, we write code, and we deploy data centers. But at heart Skybox is about unlocking the human story by approaching daily global activity as the world’s largest data science problem. 

We call this Earth Observation 2.0, where satellites are simply sensors and the magic is in harnessing scalable computing and unbounded analytics to find answers to the world’s most important geospatial problems regardless of data source.

At Skybox, technology is a means to an end. We don’t design and build our own systems for fun (though it is). We do it because it gives us the flexibility to address your needs in the way that works best for you and your organization. Our satellites and software are constantly evolving to better serve you. Reach out to tell us what you need. We don’t believe in ‘build it and they will come.’ We do believe in building powerful high performance systems that match the real needs of real customers changing the world on a daily basis.



We have assembled a team that bridges Silicon Valley innovation and Aerospace expertise.

Photo of Tom Ingersoll

Tom Ingersoll

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Dan Berkenstock

Dan Berkenstock

EVP, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

Photo of Julian Mann

Julian Mann

Vice President, Product Management and Co-Founder

Photo of Tobias Nassif

Tobias Nassif

Senior Vice President, Operations

Photo of John Fenwick

John Fenwick

Vice President, Flight Programs and Co-Founder

Photo of Ching-Yu Hu

Ching-Yu Hu

Director of Marketing and Customer Relations and Co-Founder

Photo of Jim McClelland

Jim McClelland

Vice President, Mission Assurance

Photo of Mike Trela

Mike Trela

Vice President, Satellite Systems

Photo of Brian Leslie

Brian Leslie

Sr. Director of International Sales

Photo of Dirk Robinson, Ph.D.

Dirk Robinson, Ph.D.

Vice President, Imaging Systems

Photo of Tiffany Tran

Tiffany Tran


Photo of Julie McCusker

Julie McCusker

Director of People Operations

Photo of Jonny Dyer

Jonny Dyer

Chief Engineer

Photo of Ollie Guinan

Ollie Guinan

Vice President, Ground Software

Photo of Craig Scheffler

Craig Scheffler

Director of Satellite Access Systems

Photo of Matt Wood

Matt Wood

Sr. Director of Enterprise Solutions



We Dream Big, Then Go Bigger.

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Dan Berkenstock
EVP and Chief Product Officer Founder

Dan Berkenstock is an entrepreneur and engineer from Chicago, IL with a healthy respect for the risks & rewards of doing business in space. He is also fascinated by scalable and novel data streams that revolutionize the ways that consumers, businesses, and governments make decisions in their day-to-day lives.