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Position Descriptions

Details about people who have held these positions in the past can be found here.

Executive Committee

General Committee

The Frivolous constitution allows for the election of four (4) general committee members, but due to the currently small membership of the club there is no real need to fill these positions. Hence there is currently no position description for a general committee member. In future the committee may look to create positions for tasks like events coordination, marketing or player development, in which case position descriptions will be written up and volunteers holding these positions can fill the general committee member positions.

If you wish to be a part of the Frivolous committee, then we would strongly encourage you to nominate for one of the existing executive officer positions, or alternatively volunteer to run one of the Frivolous events.

All Frivolous members are also encourage to sign up to 'theclub' mailing list and participate in discussions about how the club is run and voice their ideas and opinions.

General Positions

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